for Veterinary Professionals

The ExtractEZE Veterinary Root Tip Remover is an instrument that allows quick and easy removal of broken or decayed root tips without causing trauma. The fine radial point with cutting edges can be inserted into the smallest canals.

Once screwed and anchored into the dentin, it allows enough leverage to sever the periodontal ligament along with the pulpal nerve tissue without more invasive surgeries. The Veterinary Root Tip Remover passes through subgingival decay without removing important supportive bone and tissues.

Its unique crisscross design handle allows turning without tearing gloves, while still maintaining enough grip to screw into the remaining root tip for easy retrieval, virtually impossible with any other instrument. Short has overall length of 18mm with a 12mm working shaft to tip and long has 26mm overall length with a 20mm working shaft to tip.

  • Remove broken and residual root tips with ease.
  • Healing time is decreased due to reduced bone removal and trauma.
  • Alveolar bone remains intact so the ridge is preserved.
  • No more frustrating large and bulky extraction instruments.
  • Moves through decay below the gum line.

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