Common Questions

Why the ExtractEZE Root Tip Remover?

  • Less trauma to the surrounding area
  • Do not have to remove excess bone
  • Preserves the Ridge for more reliable implant placement
  • Remove root tips with ease
  • If a root tip breaks off, it will not take hours to remove it
  • No more frustrating large and bulky extraction instruments
  • Moves through decay to anchor into solid tooth structure for ease of root tip removal
  • Increase Production Goals

Proven Results

  • Root Tip Remover is clinically proven to remove residual root tips with less trauma to the area.
  • Healing time is decreased due to reduced bone removal and trauma.
  • Avular bone remains in tact so the ridge is preserved.
  • Less trauma to the area gives better healing time for implant placement.
  • Badly decayed teeth that are decayed below the gum line will be able to be removed with ease.
  • The Root Tip Remover is a dynamic tool to remove residual root tips.

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