Root Tip Remover

Every dentist has had the experience of removing a tooth and feeling the root tip fracture off and remain in the socket. You feel that dread come over you and you know your going to be here a while, possibly hours. Like most doctors you request your schedule to be cleared or moved to a later time, affecting your production for the entire day over a $300.00 extraction.

You reach for the root tip picks, other bulky dental forceps and elevators you have on your tray. You know that they are just to big to get between the bone and the tooth to get enough leverage to loosen the root tip from the periodontal ligament. You may need to remove additional bone and cause more trauma to the area, extending the healing time and the discomfort the patient will experience after this appointment. The next several hours there is a lot of force and tension, not to mention what your patient is experiencing during this procedure. With all of this you still might not be able to get that root tip out! You might have to leave the root tip and hope an infection does not set in.

Now you have another option! An option that will revolutionize your extraction procedures. You will be able to perform these procedures with out the fear of digging out root tips. The Root Tip Remover will remove these broken off pieces with ease! With its specially designed surgical cutting screw you are able to rotate it right down into the root canal and as it anchors into the dentin it will allow you enough strength and leverage to pull out the root tip with ease! Root tips will be removed in minutes, not hours. Your production goals will be increased because you will be able to keep those difficult extractions in house instead of referring them out to an oral surgeon.


Root Tip Remover with an ultra-innovative design.

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